Our Story

Australian Sisters

Little girls with big dreams, that’s us, my sister and I. Growing up in sunny Sydney Australia, we had a love for fashion, family and long days at the beach! Life was not elaborate, just happy and full of adventure.

As we powered through the various milestones in life - college nights, corporate world, travel, weddings and motherhood, we realized how important it was to feel good in what we were wearing. Our first most urgent problem was sore feet from high heels. Too many times were our feet blistered and in bad shape after being a bridesmaid, traveling for work, attending a wedding or a work event. 

That's when Cooei, became a reality. A brand we developed that cares about women not only looking great, but also feeling great. Getting dressed without compromise, pain or suffering became our vision.

It’s been a long road since the questionable Punky Brewster tee and the hot pink attire, but what has and will always remain the same is our sisterhood and our desire to make high quality, thoughtful products for women.

Thanks for being part of the Cooei dream. 

xx Brooke + Cas Trevitt